Hacienda las Trancas is the perfect location for your wedding in Mexico. Each wedding is individually tailored to the tastes of the unique couples who have chosen to wed here at Hacienda Las Trancas. Guests have used the words 'unbelievable' and 'extraordinary' to describe their unforgettable experience. Our weddings have been a source of joy and inspiration for all involved. We specialize in stress-free destination weddings. We can offer to assist you in a simple and relaxed ceremony, or help you plan the most elegant destination wedding you can imagine. We have a variety of resources available to us, including musicians, florists, fireworks and caterers. From start to finish we help you with every step. If you are interested in a hacienda wedding, please contact us for further information about our planning services and special prices for wedding groups.

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"I had my dream wedding at Hacienda Las Trancas. This place is magical. I felt like a princess in my very own castle. My guests were awed and couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was. Hacienda Las Trancas is an experience you'll never forget. A truly unique place. Kelley and her staff make you feel like you’re at home with family. The memories will last a life time. I long to go back and re-live the fairytale.”

Vicky Alatorre Camarena
Chicago, IL

"Muchas gracias a USTEDES por darnos un lugar tan maravilloso para nuestra celebración de cumpleaños / reunión familiar. Ustedes hicieron mi sueño realidad!" - Judy B.

"Hacienda Las Trancas has to be one of the most beautiful wedding sites I've ever seen. The color almost hurts your eyes." Anna Kuperberg, professional photographer, San Francisco
(photo credit, above).

"I almost don't want to write about the Hacienda out of a selfish desire to keep it all to myself! Still, my family had such a wonderful time there during my wedding celebrations that I feel compelled to write and let others know about this magical place. We saw Hacienda Las Trancas online and immediately knew that it was where we wanted to have our wedding. The owners were incredibly helpful and accommodating in scheduling our time there. From the moment we arrived, we were awestruck by the beauty of this restored jewel. The Hacienda is huge- the rooms and suites are enormous, and the decorating, cleanliness, grounds, and atmosphere are impeccable. Even the bedding was decadent. There are truly no words to describe the comfortable grandeur of this amazing place and the pictures, which had seduced us in the first place, are nothing compared to the real thing... The staff were incredible...the gardens are spectacular. Somehow, even with all of the magnificent surroundings, it felt so inviting and warm... Luxurious in a relaxed way. It was wonderful to live surrounded by beauty and comfort for a week. It also turned out to be the perfect place for a wedding. My family will always treasure our memories there, and hope to return in the future." - Trip Advisor.

“The hacienda is really my favorite place in the world. Chris and I would lay in bed and couldn't believe it, one night we couldn't sleep because it was just so overwhelming. You have really created something very special there and it was absolutely perfect for us. I don't know how you found them but your staff are so genuine, friendly and caring.

I told you that we were in the wine business so obviously food is also very important to us. I almost died when I saw the veggie patch, so well manicured and full of goodies. There were several meals with over 40 people around the one table - incredible! Yolanda is so sweet, everyone loved her.

The wedding was incredible... The Romantic Trio were gorgeous and of course the mariachi sent everyone into a frenzy. The donkey was great fun and that was the beginning of the end for some (I am so glad we did it after dinner and not before) and the fireworks were 10 times better than we had imagined. So fun, so much happened. The 6 courses worked out wonderfully with speeches between each one. The horses came in as the telegrams were being read, so beautiful...”

~ Cathy, Australia

“Thank you so much again for an extraordinary experience and wedding at Las Trancas. I really do not believe I have ever been anywhere more beautiful... not just the place itself, but all the little touches: the taste and awesome artifacts with which you guys have decorated it, the lovely staff, the food, everything. And the wedding was amazing, everyone said it was the best they had ever been to.”

“Your staff is remarkable... The wedding went down perfectly... Everything went exactly as we'd talked about. I think that's why it felt like a dream... There was no differentiating between what we hoped would happen and what did happen. The folkloric dancers were a huge hit (and what a great job they did!), and the tequila burro and the fireworks were a surprise to everyone. The fireworks even surprised Phil and me, they were SO GOOD! Everyone was just laughing and shouting and clapping hysterically. It was hilarious. The waitstaff and bartenders were wonderful. The trio - oh my gosh, they played the songs we'd picked out as if they'd written them themselves.
I know it must have take a lot of practice. 
It was really special.
So clearly it was a thrilling, relaxing, fun, memorable-in-every-way week. I think our friends and family were really blown away by the Hacienda, the staff, and the way we did the wedding. Many of them told us it was the most unique and fun wedding they'd ever been to...The best part is that we did it that way for us, because that's the way we wanted to get married. We still

can't believe we pulled off a wedding just the way we wanted to do it, and everyone had such a blast.”                         
~ Kim

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